Sunday, 23 February 2014

Some words on yesterday's demonstation

We're really heartened by the support we received from SISA members and non-members alike when distributing leaflets outside of the ground. Most people we spoke to shared our concerns and were very supportive of SISA and the idea of an independent supporters group.

However, many of those that we spoke to felt that they couldn't take action during the game and the reporting of Barry Ferguson's comments yesterday, tended to make it more difficult for fans to take action during the ninety minutes.

We would just like to say thanks to all those who volunteered to help distribute leaflets today and those who took part in the demonstrations.

This, as others have said, was an ambitious project and we have learned a great deal from it.

The immediate aim of SISA is to become a Supporters’ Trust and a public vote for that purpose will be held at the No 1 Club on the 5th of April. That Trust will then provide Blackpool supporters with an independent voice. It will endeavour to hold the owners of the football club to account, aim to bring supporters representation at board level and represent the best interests of our members and by extension those of the wider support of Blackpool FC.

The committee would like again to express our gratitude to all Blackpool fans who have helped to bring SISA this far and hope that you continue to provide your support to the Blackpool FC Trust when it is formed.

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