Friday, 30 May 2014

Official Statement

SISA members and indeed BFC fans as a whole are no doubt very concerned about the Club's apparent lack of progress towards the appointment of a manager and beyond that the recruitment of a squad capable of competing in The Championship.

The Chairman's self-imposed time frame for appointing a manager has been and gone without any meaningful update being provided to the fan base.

Fans understandable concerns as to the Club's intentions are being expressed on social media/message boards and reflected in what are on anyone's assessment very worrying season ticket sales to date.

SISA now calls upon the Club to immediately extend the deadline of 21/6/14 that has been imposed for BFC fans to take up the offer of a discount on season ticket prices to 25/7/14 so as to allow the Chairman an opportunity to demonstrate to those who wish to see his commitment to the coming season before they make their own.

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