Thursday, 17 July 2014

Blackpool Supporters Trust Public Meeting 17th July 2014 - Agenda

Tonight’s meeting which is open to all Blackpool fans will take place at 7.30pm in the No 1 Club. It will be held in the large upstairs room. When we set the date for this meeting last week we predicted that somewhere between 75 and 125 people might attend. It seems entirely possible that there may be many more than that. We have therefore arranged to utilise the No.1’s PA system which will allow audio of the meeting to be relayed throughout the club. The upstairs room has a capacity of about 150 and if that is full we will begin to divert people to other rooms within the No 1 Club. We request that everyone attending tonight assists us in making this a successful beginning for the Trust by co-operating with the volunteers who will be stewarding the event.

We will do all that we can to answer any questions you have and to ensure as many points as possible are heard. There may not be time to deal with everything in the main meeting but members of the committee will be around after the meeting and will be happy to talk with anyone who has suggestions, questions or points that you would like to raise. 

Blackpool Supporters Trust has been set up to provide Blackpool fans with an independent voice – our primary aim is to increase the influence of Blackpool supporters at the club with the ultimate goal of the majority of the club being owned by the fans. We are not a protest or an anti-Oyston group. We will hold the owners to account on behalf of our members, scrutinise the way the club is being run and act, in all respects, in the best interests of the club that we all love.

Tonight’s meeting will be the beginning of that process, we are looking to develop, with our fellow fans, short and medium term approaches to the very obvious issues at our club. We will work constructively, diligently and constantly to change our club for the better and together help to develop a club that we can, once again, be proud to support.

1) Welcome and brief overview of Blackpool Supporters Trust

2) Aims of the Trust

3) Articles of Association

4) Discussion – Q and A

5) Moving Forward:

- The Club should make a clear, unambiguous statement about immediate plans for the player recruitment and the situation with the manager. 

- The Club to begin providing timescales and targets regarding various items including improvements to the Training Ground.

- The Club to explain to fans at what time and in what circumstances the£11 million, or any part thereof, held by the Oystons, will be returned for use by the club.

- The Supporters Liaison Officer should meet with representatives from BST, BSA and other interested fans groups at the earliest point to begin discussions about how the fans and club can move forward. We recommend that arrangements be made for an elected fans’ representative be placed on the board of the football club. 

- The club should develop improved communications policies that enable information regarding the club be shared more regularly and openly with supporters as part of the arrangements with the Supporters Liaison Officer.

- Vote of no confidence in the Chairman.

6) Membership/Website

7) Launch Party – Gary Parkinson Trust

8) Any Other Business

i) Further Q and A

The issues under Section 5 moving forward will be subject to approval of those at the meeting and will hopefully be supplemented by suggestions from supporters.

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