Monday, 20 January 2014

Demonstration Update

We would like to thank everyone who responded to us directly, on social media or on the message boards. There has been a huge amount of support for the idea of a demonstration at the Doncaster match this Saturday. There have also been a number of concerns and suggestions made about the form that the demonstration will take. The SISA committee intend to ensure that any protest causes as little disruption to the match itself or impact the supporters’ enjoyment of the game.


It is also vital to ensure that this is a peaceful demonstration and that any potential conflicts between supporters and stewards/police officers are avoided: SISA will therefore not be handing out whistles for supporters to take into the ground. We are also sharing details of the demonstration with the Police and the Club to ensure that the demonstration passes off safely. We have therefore revised our plan to the following:


1) On the 5th minute, a slow drum roll will begin indicating the start of the demonstration.


2) Throughout that minute supporters voice their disapproval of the on field and off field management of our Club by singing ‘We Want Our Blackpool back’


3) At the end of the minute, again signalled in advance, supporters launch a chant of “We love you Blackpool we do.”


SISA trusts that during the game fans continue to maintain total support for the team. We encourage all supporters to respect the choices of their fellow fans, whether they choose to demonstrate or not. The intention is to send a clear message to the club's owners of the strength of feeling that exists amongst supporters for change, in the form of greater investment in the club as well as the appointment of a manager who shares the aspirations of the supporters and will respect the history and reputation of the club. If you do wish to support this initiative please spread the word by text, email, Facebook etc.

If you have any views or opinions please let us know.


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