Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Safe Standing - Are we getting nearer?

For many years one of English football's most contentious issues has been whether safe standing should be introduced at football stadia.

From the terrace right through to Parliament this issue has been a hot topic and divides opinion. Over the last few years there has been a growing ground swell of support for the introduction of safe standing areas similar to those successfully implemented in Germany.

Heading up the initiative are the Football League who polled each of the 72 league clubs at their most recent AGM on whether they should form an executive committee to investigate the possibilities of safe standing. Three quarters of the clubs voted in favour (Blackpool voted no) and so the consultation process began with a set of questions posed to each Football League Club. The process is due to end on Friday 24th January. We will report back when the findings have been released. For more information on the campaign click here:

Earlier in the season SISA welcomed the Safe Standing Roadshow to Blackpool. It was a great opportunity for supporters to experience a model of the terracing unit that is now common place across Germany in the Bundesliga. The feedback we received was excellent and a survey of Blackpool fans asking if they would like to see safe standing introduced at Bloomfield Road showed a resounding 84% in favour of it's introduction.

                                                                   Fans experience the rail unit

Whilst the Chairman of Blackpool Football Club may currently be against the initiative the idea of it being introduced at grounds across England is still a very relevant and exciting prospect for Blackpool supporters that travel away. Some of whom may never have experienced the Spion Kop or an away trip to Peterborough's now demolished away terrace at London Road. The trip there in the 'perfect 10' season will live long in the memory for all who went.

SISA encourage the club to fully involve supporters in a consultation exercise regarding safe standing.

For more information on Safe Standing we recommend this site:

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