Monday, 31 March 2014

Exiles and Overseas Supporters of the Trust

As we build towards Saturday's Trust meeting we are receiving unprecedented feedback and support from as far away as New England, Perth and even China!

We recognise that many of our overseas and exiles supporters would like the opportunity to vote on the formation of a Blackpool Supporters Trust. However, under our current constitution and the guidance of Supporters Direct (the legal body and mechanism behind the formation of football Trusts) we must request that only votes in person and on the day will go towards the overall count.

We do not currently have an official electoral role, but should we become a Trust then we will then have the ability to accept votes from those that are unable to attend meetings.

What we would like to add though is that messages of support are very much welcome and will be read out and used to place around the meeting room. Please send your messages of support to our Secretary at


  1. Fantastic effort by the Committee. Sorry I can't be in Blackpool early enough to vote but I am fully behind the formation of a supporters trust and wish you the best of luck in achieving this.

    Joe (Tommytwojags)

  2. Thank you for the comment Joe. As we know the Trust was voted in!