Friday, 21 March 2014

Hello, SLO

One of SISA's main concerns since it's formation has been the non appointment of a Supporters Liaison Officer (SLO) at the Blackpool Football Club.

Article 35 of the 2010 UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play regulations stipulated that each professional club across Europe must appoint an SLO by the 2012/13 season. The role of the SLO is to ensure proper and constructive discourse between the Club and their fans.

We have contacted the Club, Supporters Direct and the Football League on several occasions asking for an appointment to be made and so we were were delighted to receive the following email from the The Football League yesterday:

''Further to our conversations regarding Blackpool’s appointment of a new Supporter Liaison Officer, we can confirm that they have now appointed Mark Ridgway to that role.

Mark Ridgway’s e-mail address is and his telephone number is 01253 685023. This information will appear on our website shortly.

Thank you for contacting The Football League.''

We see this as another step towards greater transparency and an enhanced supporter/owner relationship at Blackpool. We also looking forward to engaging with Mark over the coming months and years.

We are sure you will join us in welcoming Mark to his role as our new SLO.

For more information on the SLO role Click Here

Another good read is the official UEFA Supporters Liaison Officer handbook

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