Thursday, 20 March 2014

SISA meets BFC co-owner Mr. Belokon in Riga to discuss future collaboration

At the personal invitation of the BFC President Seasiders Independent Supporters Association (SISA) travelled to Riga this week to discuss the latter’s plans to form a Supporters Trust and the future direction of Blackpool Football Club.

SISA Chair Tim Fielding and Vice-Chair Stephen Smith held a series of meetings with both Valeri Belokon and BFC Board Member Kaspars Varpins during their two day stay. Tim Fielding detailed the progress SISA, Blackpool's largest fan group, have made since their formation a little over 12 months ago and their imminent plans to form a Supporters Trust to the Latvian businessman.

Mr. Belokon expressed his enthusiasm for BFC and his willingness to help improve the performance of the Club. In his view, football clubs are more than just a business - they are also a social project with wider list of stakeholders and a significant role to play within the local community. Therefore he believes it is important to operate the Club in a transparent manner and take into account the opinions of its fans.

Mr. Belokon is disappointed about the troubled performance of the Club this season and discussed with SISA the possibilities of how to improve decision- making at the Club so as to improve its performance next season. 

Both parties confirm that it is the intention to hold further meetings in the near future with a view to developing relations to include charity and community-based initiatives that can be put in place subject to the outcome of Trust vote scheduled to take place on 5th April 2014.

SISA's Committee take this opportunity of thanking Valeri Belokon and Kaspars Varpins for their willingness to openly engage with SISA and their hospitality during our stay in Riga.

(Tim Fielding, Valeri Belekon, Stephen Smith, Kaspars Varpins)

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