Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Tangerine Theory

As Blackpool fans we love seeing new mediums emerge where we can engage with all things BFC related.

A new fanzine from our friends at Tangerine Theory has just been launched. The author of Tangerine Theory gave us an open and honest account of why he wanted to write the fanzine.

"This week I will be launching a new Blackpool fanzine – Tangerine Theory. I would be lying if I said it has been easy. I can certainly tell you that its launch could not be timed worse. It will be born into a world of anger if not, worse, apathy. I’m honestly worried if anybody will have the energy to bother reading it after what will be 19 games without a win – equaling our worst record in history – if we don’t beat Millwall tonight.

Things could not be more different when I first conceived of the idea. I was working in London over the summer, and had to read as much about my club as possible online to keep up to speed and feel involved – blogs such as Measured Progress, with OneDaveBamber and TangerineDreaming’s excellent writing, as well as John Aspinall’s work with the Podcast were not only great for that, but they also served as inspiration. Things were pretty good, we were up at the top of the league, and Paul Incehad the most points per game in BFC managerial history – a point I made again and again with my short lived blog, the early Tangerine Theory in all its naïve glory. As an exile, I was seeing the results without enduring the negative performances. It was hard not to get caught up.

Despite everything that has happened since then, I have always had the desire to keep going with the fanzine, and to be honest it will be strange seeing it out in the public this week. I have been swapping emails with Morty from the NATA, but apart from that this has all been just an idea in my head. 

The pilot is raw, and as is a pilot’s nature, an illustration of work in progress. Butthrough it all I feel it still holds that naïve optimism that brought about its original conceptionOne section features 3 fan testimonies, with emotive and I feel important writing fromthose who really matter – Blackpool supporters. I hope their stories will give us all a small reminder as to why we do this. It certainly made the effort of putting this all together worth it.

The download will be available later this week and you can follow us on Twitter @BFCFanzine. Anybody looking to write for the next edition can either get in contact through Twitter, or at my email click here."

Nathan Fogg

Check out the website here!

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